Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter 2017 online classes

Want to start the new year off with a way to destress and is creative?? Come stitch with me!! I will be teaching 2 classes starting in January, Doodle Designs and Sketch'n Embroidery. 

The classes will be held in a secret group and you will be able to post and discuss the lessons with your fellow classmates. It seems everyone is on Facebook now, so this will make it easier to access the classes. 

Also, I will only be accepting a limited number of students for each class. You will get my full attention and feedback on your projects. We can exchange videos on the Facebook group and photos. This isn't like most online classes where you have no contact with the teacher. There will be one on one attention and help through each lesson for the full duration of the class. After the class is over, I will keep the group open for several months for anyone that needs to catch up. 

Here is what is on the menu for the Winter of 2017...for now. :)


Sketch'n Contour Embroidery-Jan. 8th (limit 10 students)


Doodle Designs-Jan.22nd (limit 15 students)


💥 Make sure you go to my personal Facebook page and add me as a friend. This is 
How I add you to the class group.


Class Descriptions

Sketch’n Contour Embroidery

Contour line drawing is a great way to stretch your creative muscles and play with shapes. You don't have to draw like Leonardo De Vinci, just have a desire to branch out and get out of your comfort zone.
Also, this is a great workshop for your friends to gather together and start your own Sketching Group. My Sketching Group is what got me thinking of how to use my contour line drawings for finished embroidery pieces of art. I haven't been practicing my sketching and I have wanted to bone up on my drawing skills.
In this workshop, we will go over the technique of Contour Line drawing and developing these drawings into embroideries So, gather up your pencils and sketchbook and come play with me and my friends as we sketch and create!

3 Lessons/ 3 weeks =35.00

Lesson 1-Sketching all over the Place
Lesson 2- Developing your Contour Line Drawing into an embroidery
Lesson 3- Stitching and Finishing

Doodle Designs Workshop

Have you ever wondered what you could do with that doodle on the napkin or notepad? A doodle can be a way to awaken your sense of creativity and self-discovery. This type of drawing is born of intuition and is a great tool for connecting with your inner voice. I believe a doodle can spark a series of artworks when you are stumped for ideas. This type of “play” is important to everyone who wants to grow creatively. I use doodles as the basis of a lot of my own artwork and it has helped me to expand my artistic voice.

In this workshop, students will be using doodle drawings as a basis for embroidery and fiber art pieces. We will take doodle drawings that been inspired by “prompts” to see how you interpret ideas into drawings and expand them into abstract works of art. A variety of art materials will be used to help discover your inner child. No drawing experience is needed, just a sense of  fun.

6 lessons/6 weeks=$60.00

Lesson 1 Doodling
Lesson 2 Paper Collage Doodle
Lesson 3 Stamp Doodle
Lesson 4 Fabric Collage Doodle
Lesson 5 Embroidery Doodle
Lesson 6 Fabric Paint Doodle