Self Directed Fiber Art Classes Online

 Online Fiber Art Classes! 
All levels! 

All the workshops are taught through Facebook Private groups. I keep the groups open for a long period of time to make sure you have time to do the lessons and can get in touch with me if you have any questions. All Lessons are self directed and will be uploaded to the Facebook group. I will be around if you have any questions or want to share with what you are working on. ;) There are no sign up dates, you work at your own speed.

Descriptions of workshops on my new website for my online classes.

Here are some of the classes!

Personal Symbols Workshop
6 lessons
$60.00 now $50.00

Pet Threads
3 lessons
$30.00 now $20.00

Monoprinting On Fabric
6 lessons
$60.00 now $50.00

Intro to Fiber Collage
6 lessons
$60.00 now $50.00

go to the website and check out all of the classes.

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