“Raise Your Hand and Say Yes” Podcast

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts while I am in the studio and hanging around. I learn so much from Art/Creativity/Marketing podcasts that I thought I would start passing them along.
One of my favorites is “Raise Your Hand and Say Yes” by Tiffany Han. I have started from her first podcast year, 2014. Her podcasts from 2014 to 2019 are still relevant today. Her guests are engaging and I never get bored with her interviews. Check her out her podcast! #raiseyourhandandsayyes

This is an excerpt from Tiffany’s website. I thought it really sums up her way of creativity coaching.

“Instead of thinking about how hard this shift (Stepping out of your comfort zone) might be, let’s talk about why it’s worth doing anyway. 

-Because you’re already uncomfortable. You’re already losing sleep. You’re already bearing the weight that comes with the knowledge that you’re capable of so much more and that you are sitting on buckets of latent potential.

-Committing to more doesn't have to lead to overwhelm or giving in to the old paradigm of how things have to be done. The point of all of this isn’t to do more or be better or work harder. It’s about reclaiming the person you know you are and letting her shine. 

-Somewhere along the way, you decided that idling was good enough for now. But you know now that it isn’t sustainable—and, ultimately, holding yourself back is not getting you where you want to go. 

-What if I told you that you can make all of those next-level life things happen without having to compromise? 

-What if I told you that you are using more energy holding yourself back than it will take to make these moves you’re so desperate to make?

-What if I told you that I can teach you how to raise your hand and say yes to that person you’re dying to become? 

This work isn’t about telling you how to do things or figuring them out for you; it’s about teaching you how to trust your own ability to figure things out for yourself.
I’m on a mission to help you find your own path to personal freedom, and I’m not going to prioritize your overwhelm or your fear in the process. We’ve got bigger work to do.”

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